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How to Use BufferApp For Social Media Automation

This is a review of bufferapp and you can learn how to start using Bufferapp. Bufferapp is an amazing social-media tool.

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Hey guys, Harsh here and today I will be sharing one interesting tutorial for you. So I have mentioned about BufferApp a lot of time and this is one important social media tool that you should be using. So first let me quickly explain how BufferApp works? What it can do for you? So very first thing, BufferApp is just another social media tool which helps you to keep your social media account active. So there are times when you are reading and you see you have so many articles to send to your readers, but the thing is if you send so many articles in a short time, that’s very annoying in social media sites.
So what we do? We use a tool like Buffer where we add all the interesting articles that we have to share and BufferApp automatically shares them after pre-defined time. So you can set your own timing, for me, I have set timing let’s say after every 5 hours, I should do it once. so what I do whenever I have to share something, whenever I have to say something on twitter which is not time sensitive, I simply add it to Buffer, so that was my twitter account stays active and relevant. So in this tutorial I will be showing you how you can use Buffer and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me via comments. so you can get started with Buffer for free, they also have premium accounts, premium features which you should definitely look at especially if you are a power social media user like me, a paid plan is what you should look out for.
So right now I am connected to a free account and let me show you how you can add your social media account. So Buffer supports a wide variety of social media sites like Facebook, twitter, google+ and LinkedIn and also you can use your Facebook profile or page depending upon your need. So in this case I will show you how I will be adding a page to my Buffer account. so first of few things, you should be logged in to your Facebook account and just give permission to Buffer to access your Facebook profile and so I select my page Eco Hunters, so this is my friend’s page, I am helping him to go social. So that’s it, now here you can see it already started showing my Eco Facebook page. now here are few things, so I have also connected my twitter account over here, so now, depending whenever I have to share, I can share on one ID or I can share on both the ID’s depending upon my sharing. So I will quickly just add few tweets for my twitter account to show you how it works.
So here I can add ‘Share now’ or ‘Share next’ and that’s it. So it will be shared at today’s 9:01 pm, that’s almost like half an hour from now and like this I can keep adding more tweets, so I will just simply add some random tweets. So here you can also see the number of buffered status updates in your account, so what will happen now that my first tweet will go at 9:01pm and next tweets will go at tomorrow morning 7:41 and then 11:31. I can also change my schedule depending upon how frequently I want to publish my updates. So here I can set the updates, I can also set updates based on days which are again very useful as people are more active on twitter on Thursday or Friday and less active on Monday or even Sunday evening, so in that case, I can change my schedule depending upon my user base. So this is something which is going to be very helpful for you.
So similarly I can do the same for my Facebook page. Now there is one important thing, Buffer also offers lots of add-ons, so basically when you are on any page, you click on Buffer icon over here and then I can simply select the account I want to share and that’s it. Click on Buffer. So pretty much this is for Buffer, if you are just getting started with social media or just want to learn BufferApp, I hope I have answered.
all right guys, so I thought I would rather show you my Buffer account so that you can also understand what other features that you don’t get in the free account, so this is my pro account and the most interesting thing, like I have added many of my twitter account, Facebook account, google+ pages. So basically I use this tool to keep all my social media account active and keep them updated. so I usually spend two hours a month on one social media account, add them, buffer them, stack them with so many tweet updates so that my account stays active.
So I am sure you must have understood that part of Buffer by now, so here is one interesting thing and that is Analytic. Now with the Analytic, I can also analyses which of my posts are working really good and which of my post are not working that great. so the updates that are already working great, I usually re-schedule them so that it reaches out to more people and here is an interesting thing, you can quickly drag/drop the post from your analytic panel to stack up your social media accounts, so that’s another very handy feature. So pretty much that’s it and I suggest you to go ahead and create a free account on Buffer and if you like or if you need any more features, go and upgrade to the pro-account, it’s totally worth your money. Thank you for watching.