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4 Things You Need to Know While Buying Expired Domains

The domain is the most basic thing which we need to start a new website or a blog. But have you heard about the expired domains? There are many people who do a business by buying and again selling the domains. In simple words, I can say they are doing domain name flipping. It’s a business done by many people and they earn good amount of profit too. Most of those people use expired domains to make money. If you want to buy the expired domain, then I will tell you 4 things you need to know while buying expired domains.
I have few friends who always keep posting on Facebook about the domain they have with them. What they actually do is they find a good expired domain and get it registered.
Once they have the expired domain with they sell it at a good price to people who are willing to buy them.
You may be thinking what is the profit if they just buy and again flip the domain name or sell it to other people? If you have this question in your mind then let me answer it for you.
The real task for them is to find a good one while buying expired domains. What can be the cost? It will be around $10 to $20 per year that’s it.
These days if you register a domain name with GoDaddy you can get it (.COM) for $0.99 too. If you are Indian then you can register any .COM domain name for just Rs. 99 INR only.
And after registration domain name flippers sell the same domain name for 100’s of dollars. This is how domain name flipping is a profitable business.
There are many premium domain names which are for sale at GoDaddy auctions. You can buy those domains from there but they cost you more.
If you don’t want to spend more on the expired domain you purchase they you can find good domains for free. I will tell you how you can find good domains and the things which you need to know while buying expired domains.

What are Expired Domains?

Expired domains are those domains which are expired because the previous owner of the domain has not renewed it. Sometimes the owner forgets to renew the domain and sometimes they just ignore it if they are not using it anymore.
Such domains are released in the domain pool, from where anyone can register it for them. You should note one thing and that is the registrar does not cancel the registration instantly when the domain expires.
Most of the registrars provide a grace period of 30 days within which the owner can renew the domain name. If the owner does not do that then it will be auctioned or else released in domain pool.

Where Can You Find Good Expired Domains?

As I had mentioned in the beginning part of this guide that I will tell where you can find good expired domains. There are many websites online where you can find the expired domains.
GoDaddy Auctions: You can find good domains which are highly brandable at GoDaddy auctions but you have to pay a high amount for most of the domain names listed there.
Expired Domains: Expired Domains or is a place where you can find millions of domain names which are already expired or deleted.
DomCop: Just like Expired Domains you can find good domain names at DomCop too. The filters which you get at DomCop are better than the previous website.
So these are the three places where you can find good domains now let us check out the 4 things which you need to consider when you are buying expired domains.
Things You Need to Know While Buying Expired Domains
4 Things You Need to Know While Buying Expired Domains
So now let us get started with this guide and check out the 4 things which you should know before buying expired domains.

#1. Domain Authority and Page Authority

Domain authority and page authority are two metrics which are started by While you are buying expired domains you should consider getting the domain names which have good and as high as possible DA and PA.
We can determine the ranking potential of any domain name accordingly to the DA and PA it has. So to rank high when you start working on it you should get the domain which as high DA and PA.
You should also note that the domains which have high DA and PA can be resold at a good amount. If the domain has good metrics it adds up the price.
Actually having good Moz metrics does not mean that the domain will definitely rank high. But we can just have a rough estimate of the ranking potential of the domain name.
If you wish to know about this thing then you can read my post about Moz Domain Authority.
But how can you check the DA and PA of any domain while buying expired domains? The steps are mentioned below.
Open the Open Site Explorer of Moz, you can follow the link provided here to open it.
Enter the domain name in the space provided and click on Search button. You will get the DA and PA details of the domain name you enter there.

#2. Check If the Domain is Banned by Google

The second thing which you should check before buying expired domains is the Google ban check. Some of the webmasters just leave their domain because they have a penalty or have been banned by Google.
So if you register such domain then there is no use of it. So it is better to check if Google has banned it.
As you are getting an expired one Google should have few pages in the Google’s index. You can check it by searching you have to replace the with your domain name.
If you don’t see any results for this query then there are chances that Google has banned it.
There are few tools online which let us check if the domain name is penalized or banned by Google. One of such tool is Is My Website Penalized.
Google Domain Ban Check
You just have to enter the domain name in this tool and pass the verification and the tool will let you if it is banned or no.
But the real question is how reliable the results are?
Sadly, to know the real status of any domain is impossible until you register and add it to Google Search Console. Once you add it to search console you can check the penalty in the Manual Actions section.
This is the only problem we face while buying expired domains, but even if you register a domain with a penalty. You can use it by building a good website and submitting the reconsideration request to Google.

#3. Check If The Domain Has Been Banned By AdSense

Google not only bans the domains from appearing in the search results but also does it in the case of AdSense usage. There are any domains which are banned from using Google AdSense.
Which means even if you register such domain you can’t earn by creating ad units and displaying AdSense ads on that domain.
So before you are buying expired domains you should check if that particular domain is banned by Google AdSense.
You can easily check the Google AdSense ban check with the help of Google AdSense Sandbox.
Enter the domain name and click on Show Google Ads button. If you see ads on that page then the domain is not banned for displaying Google AdSense ads.
Checking AdSense Ban
But in case, you don’t see any ads on that page then the domain is 100% banned by Google AdSense. And you should consider dropping your plan of registering it if you want to earn by monetizing it by AdSense.
If you have any other plan like using it for affiliate marketing or having it in your private blog network. Then you can register it.

#4. Check the History of The Domain

And now the 4th thing which you should know before buying expired domains is the history of the domain. You should know which niche it belonged when it was registered for the first time.
Every day hundreds of domains expire which are nothing but a piece of spam online. So you should avoid buying such spammy domain.
Some of the domains even include explicit content like drugs, pornography etc. so its better if you check it history before registering it for you.
But how can you check the history of the domain name?
You can do that with the help of which has archives of most of the websites. You can access this website for free and check the history of the domain.
Just open the web archive website and enter the domain name, you will get the screenshots of that website when it was up and running. If the history is clear then you can proceed further and buy that domain.
So these are the 4 things which you need to know while buying expired domains. I hope you are clear with all the information mentioned in this guide. If you have any kind of doubts in your mind then you can comment below.

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization? & SEO Study?

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization? & SEO Study?
Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.

In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a website appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users; these visitors can then be converted into customers. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, video search, academic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. SEO differs from local search engine optimization in that the latter is focused on optimizing a business’ online presence so that its web pages will be displayed by search engines when a user enters a local search for its products or services. The former instead is more focused on national or international searches.
As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, the computer programmed algorithms which dictate search engine behavior, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines, and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, adding content, doing HTML, and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links s another SEO tactic. By May 2015,  the mobile search had surpassed desktop search. In 2015, it was reported that Google is developing and promoting mobile search as a key feature of our products. In response, many brands are beginning to take a different approach to their Internet marketing strategies.
  • What is Search Engine Optimization?
    The Search Engine Optimization is the process implemented to receive traffic from the organic search results of the various search engines to our websites. It is a widely used technique to increase the site traffic.
  • Why Use Search Engine Optimization?
    The Search Engine Optimization must be done to increase the quantity as well as the quality of the traffic of your website. The traffic will be coming from the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). People should enter your site for their genuine interest. It’s almost like the SEO friendly website has the best chances of survival. All the famous websites and blogs you know will be an SEO optimized one.
  • Do You Offer Bespoke SEO & Web Design Services
    Yes, We do not believe in the widgets that magically elevate the traffic of your site and take your site to the top of the ranking. We prefer Bespoke SEO to optimize your site from significant keyword research to the design of the landing pages. We leave no stones unturned and your traffic is our priority.
  • How Much Does SEO & Web Design Cost
    There is no standard price for the SEO services. It varies depends on the website. The one thing we could assure is that it is not more than you could afford and also the money you’d be spending on your website’s design and SEO will always be worth it. That will be the significant investment that would get you closer towards your passion.
  • Do You Also Offer Local SEO Services?
    We provide local SEO services and make sure that your business is taken to your local audience’s attention. This service will help you shine in the local market and your products will reach the target audience resulting in a good return on investment. We shed light on your business by listing you on various potential areas like Google map, Just dial, Google My Business, and so on. This way your regional traffic will boost up so as your profit.
  • What is PPC marketing & is it something we offer?
    The pay-per-click marketing is another effective marketing strategy where your link will be advertised on the search engines when someone searches the appropriate key phrases. You will be paying some amount to search engines each time a person clicks the link to enter your website. The catch is that with a proper PPC marketing, you would draw revenue more than you paid for the advertisement. That’s where we come into the picture with our efficient PPC marketing strategy.
Therefore, if you want to be a competent candidate in the race, you should make use of a professional’s guidance. We will be honored to be a part of your success and you could completely rely on us since we are a one-stop solution for all your online business needs.
Getting Indexed
Search engines use complex mathematical algorithms to guess which websites a user seeks. In this diagram, if each bubble represents a website, programs sometimes called spiders examine which sites link to which other sites, with arrows representing these links. Websites getting more inbound links, or stronger links, are presumed to be more important and what the user is searching for. In this example, since website B is the recipient of numerous inbound links, it ranks more highly in a web search. And the links “carry through”, such that website C, even though it only has one inbound link, has an inbound link from a highly popular site (B) while site E does not. Note: Percentages are rounded.
The leading search engines, such as GoogleBing, and Yahoo!, use crawlers to find pages for their algorithmic search results. Pages that are linked from other search engine indexed pages do not need to be submitted because they are found automatically. The Yahoo! Directory and DMOZ, two major directories which closed in 2014 and 2017 respectively, both required manual submission and human editorial review. Google offers Google Search Console, for which an XML Sitemap feed can be created and submitted for free to ensure that all pages are found, especially pages that are not discoverable by automatically following links in addition to their URL submission console. Yahoo! formerly operated a paid submission service that guaranteed to crawl for a cost per click. this was discontinued in 2009.
Search engine crawlers may look at a number of different factors when crawling a site. Not every page is indexed by the search engines. The distance of pages from the root directory of a site may also be a factor in whether or not pages get crawled.

Happy Rose Day 2018: Wishes, Best Quotes, Images, Photos, Shayris, SMS, Facebook Status and WhatsApp Messages

Happy Rose Day: Rose Day marks the beginning of the seven-day world-wide celebration of love, more popularly known as Valentine’s Week. If you’re falling short of the right words for the occasion or can’t send actual roses, then let’s help you out with these lovely messages, quotes and photo cards you can send to your loved ones and brighten up their day.
Valentine’s Week begins with Rose Day on February 7, which kick-starts the seven-day celebration of love. Next to follow are Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and, finally, Valentine’s Day — which means, if there is that one week around the world that’s the official time to spread the love, then this is it. People around the world secretly plan out different ways to make their day special so that they can cherish it forever.
Rose Day is the day when lovers and friends gift roses to each other as a symbol of how they feel, and how much the other person is cherished. In fact, according to popular symbolism, the color of the rose represents the feeling that’s being conveyed as well. But along with the rose, there are always messages and cards that you may want to send across.
So, on Rose Day, if you want to send your love (any kind, we’re not judging) to that someone special, and can’t do it with actual flowers or you’re falling short of the right words, then let us help you out. Here are some lovely Rose Day messages, images, photo cards and quotes that you can share.

Valentine’s Week 2018: Significance and Importance of Rose Day

Rose Day marks the beginning of Valentine’s Week when people all around the world gift roses to their loved ones. But did you know that the simple rose can have different meanings depending on the color? Read on to find out.
Happy Rose Day 2018: Show your love by gifting your loved a bunch of roses. (Design by Abhishek Jaiswal)
If someone asks whether there is a specific day which is known to express love to your loved ones, Valentine’s Day immediately jumps to our mind. Its frenzy has manifested itself in almost every nation, so much so that in many countries its almost considered a holiday. Over the years, the celebration of one day has been transformed into Valentine’s Week, a week of love. This is kick-started with Rose Day, which marks the beginning of the love fest and is celebrated on February 7 every year. The best way to romanticise this special day is to pick roses for your special one. But be aware that each color connotes a different meaning.
Starting with the most common yet most special of all, a Red Rose is an unmistakable expression of love, longing, and desire. Then there is the White Rose, which signifies purity, chastity, and innocence. It may mark the beginning, and may also the end of a relationship. A yellow rose is an expression of warm feelings of friendship and optimism and can brighten up your special one’s day. But be cautious since it also stands for infidelity.
Pink Roses, on the other hand, imply your recipient is full of grace. It may also show your admiration, joy, and gratitude for them. Not many people know this, but Orange Roses signify a bridge between friendship represented by Yellow Roses and love symbolized by Red Roses. Most versatile of all, they can convey passion, energy, intense desire and other fierce emotions, and may also convey fascination and appreciation…you only need to couple them with the right color rose. Last on the list is the Lavender Rose, which is rare and conveys enchantment. It also means “love at first sight”.
With so many significant ways to show love, which rose are you going to pick up for your special someone today?
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5 SEO Trends 2018 You Need To Focus For Your E-commerce Website

Unlike the year 2017, a lot of prominent changes comes up in 2018 to the world of SEO. As search engines strive to improve the quality of search results, it becomes necessary for every online business including E-Commerce sites to keep updated with the latest SEO trends and techniques.
Google is continuously focusing on improving the quality of search results. Google is giving preference to websites that value speed, security, mobile-friendliness, and usability.
By optimizing your e-commerce according to the latest SEO trends, you are not only securing more traffic, you can also drive more eCommerce business sales.
To keep your E-Commerce website ahead of the competition, here are 5 SEO trends you should be keeping an eye on.

1. Voice Search is the next big thing in 2018

Google Voice Search Feature 5 SEO Trends 2018 You Need To Focus For Your E-commerce Website
Voice search has gone through an enormous growth in early days. Many people prefer the convenience of speaking over typing. They are using voice-activated digital assistants, like Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc to find their queries.
Now, voice recognization software has reached the point where users are comfortable finding their queries through voice search. To get benefit from this, your e-commerce SEO strategy needs to focus on more long-tail search keywords and phrases that match the user’s conversational tone.
People speak differently than they type, for example, “Where’s the nearest restaurant?” or “How do I make a cake?”, so by optimizing your content using conversational terms and sentences, you’re more likely to rank highly.

2. Google will consider Mobile First Index

Google will consider Mobile First Index
Mobile users are increasing every minute. According to a statistic, more than 50% of the online searches are done from mobile. Many users now access information and shop online through mobile phones, thus it is important for eCommerce webmaster to make their websites mobile optimized.
Today, mobile friendliness is now considered as an important ranking factor so mobile-first content is needed in order to have the best chance of being visible in mobile search.

3. Google has started giving preference to HTTPS sites

Importance of Https for ecommerce sites
There is no doubt that Google preference for trusted sites. Google doesn’t recommend users to submit their security details such as credit card information to a non-HTTPS website. So, it becomes more important for an e-commerce website to provide an extra security layer to their users. By switching to HTTPS, you not only build user’s trust, you’re likely to rank your website higher than your competitors.
Considering it as an important ranking factor many e-commerce websites like Urban Ladder is using HTTPS to offer protection to their customers.
Google shows Chrome users ‘Not secure’ warning if the user enters data on an HTTP page and the user bounce back from that website.
Just think about it, how you will be able to make sales and conversion from your non-HTTPS e-commerce website if a customer doesn’t feel safe while entering his payment details and other confidential information. Thus, moving towards HTTPS is a great way to build trust with your customers. This will make your site more secure and improve user’s experience.

4. Featured Snippets and Answers to People’s Questions

The featured snippets have gained the popularity from past one or two years. According to a report, almost 30% of the test Google search queries show Featured Snippets. The featured snippet is a summary of an answer to a user’s query, which is displayed on top of Google search results.
If you ask a question-based query, Google will display its result with a snippet which is showed in a box on the top of Google search result. Here’s an example:

For e-commerce SEO, you need to build a strategy on how to optimize a site’s content to meet Google’s standards for Featured Snippets. Similarly, it is also important to create content in a Q&A format so that Google can extract the right content to show up as a featured snippet.

5. Don’t forget about the link building with brand building

Backlinks play an important role in ranking of a website. In the year 2018, link building is not to be expected to disappear. Instead, it will be more important to build a strategy that seeks quality links rather than thousands of low-quality or spammy backlinks.
In 2018, link building will be shifting towards relationship building, brand development and powerful links that will beneficial for a longer term. Guest post plays a crucial role in link building but in last year Google warned publishers who were depending too much on guest posting in order to control spammy and questionable links.
Nowadays, search engines have the ability to associate mentions of brands so it is important to focus on more diversified link building strategy for your e-commerce business.


These certainly aren’t the only SEO trends I’m explaining here for e-commerce websites and it’s hard to predict exactly what’s around the corner. So, it is better to keep an eye on every SEO update and make sure you react to them in the right way.
To stay ahead of your competitors, use all the SEO strategies on-page and off-page for the benefit of the e-commerce business.

Do you know the meaning of this 22 words we use in everyday life?

Do you know the meaning of this 22 words we use in everyday lifeDo you know the meaning of this 22 words we use in everyday life?

We use this words in Everyday life but few people know the meaning of this words. But according to me, you should know the meaning of this words.
  1. AIM –  Ambition in Mind
  2. AM – Ante Meridian
  3. ATM – Automatic Teller Machine
  4. BYE – Be With you Everytime
  5. CHESS – Chariot Horse Elephant Soldier
  6. COLD – Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease
  7. DATE – Day And Time Evolution
  8. EAT- Energy and Taste
  9. IST – Indian Standard Time
  10. JOKE – Joy of Kids Entertainment
  11. News – North east west south
  12. NGO – Non-Government Organization
  13. PAN – Permanent Account Number
  14. PCO – Public call office
  15. PEN – Power Enriched in Nib
  16. PIN – Postal Index Number/Personal Identification Number
  17. PM – Post Meridian
  18. SIM – Subscriber Identity Module
  19. SMILE – Sweet Memories in Lips
  20. SMS – Short message service
  21. STD – Subscriber Trunk Dialling
  22. TEA – Taste and Energy Admitted